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Santa Fe TV Show

The Santa Fe TV show featured Gondola Adventures extensively in their episode covering Southern California.

Travel+Leisure Magazine

November 2012: Gondola Adventures was featured in Travel+Leisure Magazine’s 2012 article on The World’s Most Beautiful Canal Cities.  Our very own Gondola Greg is mentioned and quoted in the first two paragraphs of the article, and a link to Gondola Adventures’ website is provided on the page dedicated to the canals of Newport Beach. For a vacation sure to float your boat, head to one of these beautiful canal cities or regions. From November 2012 By Kelly Lack A gondolier skillfully maneuvers his black vessel down a canal. “Buona sera!” calls the resident of a waterfront home. Asked to name the place, you’d likely roll your eyes and say Venice. But you’d be wrong. This scene plays out in Newport Beach, CA, where locals really do greet passing gondolas in Italian for kicks, according to Greg Mohr, president of Newport’s Gondola Adventures, Inc. “Some…

American Way Magazine Cover

April 2011: Gondola Adventures was featured on the cover of American Way magazine, American Airlines’ in-flight publication. The magazine was available in the seat-backs of all American Airlines flights, worldwide, for a two week period. The photograph features one of our authentic Venetian gondolas, as well as Gondola Greg rowing the boat in our Newport Beach location.

Boating Magazine’s “Dock & Dine” Feature

June 2013: Gondola Adventures was included in a Boating Magazine print and online article entitled, “Five Great Cities to Dock and Dine.” Newport Beach was selected as one of the five best cities, and Gondola Adventures was selected as one of the best venues within Newport Beach! Find the article HERE.

Gondola Greg Interviewed for the National Geographic Channel’s “Taboo”

May 2012: The National Geographic Channel’s show “Taboo” filmed a documentary about a gentleman with a very old gondola for sale in Las Vegas — perhaps the oldest gondola in the world.  Our very own Gondola Greg, the foremost authority on gondolas in the Americas, was brought in to inspect, value, and date the gondola in question.

Louis Leeman Print Ad

May 2013: Gondola Adventures provided an authentic Venetian gondola for a still photo shoot in Malibu.  The gondola was photographed crashing into a mansion, complete with a smoke machine and a live leopard on top.  Gondola, custom-striped oar, striped poles, and gondolier’s hat were provided by Gondola Adventures. The ad was for Louis Leeman men’s footwear.

Motion Picture: Adam Sandler’s “Jack and Jill”

Gondola Greg and Gondola Adventures®’ beautiful Wedding Gondola were brought up to an outdoor soundstage with a huge green screen and large filming lagoon in Burbank, CA to film a Venice scene for Adam Sandler’s feature film, “Jack and Jill.”  With a background in film, Greg had worked with green screens before — but never one this large!

American Airlines/SCORE – Flights.Action.Camera

September 2011: Gondola Adventures was a finalist in the American Airlines/SCORE “Flights.Action.Camera” Contest.  Gondola Greg and his wife were flown to Washington DC for the SCORE Awards Gala.