Gift Card

The perfect gift!

Gift Card

Gift cards are available in any amount and can be redeemed for all cruises!

If you would like to make sure your gift covers the cost of a complete cruise (including tax), please purchase in these amounts:

Classic Cruise: $151.55 / Classic Cruise Plus: $205.68
Breakfast Cruise: $303.10
Dessert Cruise: $205.68 / Dessert Cruise Plus: $259.80
Appetizer Cruise: $216.50 / Appetizer Cruise Plus: $270.63
Lunch Cruise: $211.09 / Lunch Cruise Plus: $265.21
Gourmet Dinner Cruise: $356.14 / Exquisite Dinner Cruise: $460.06

Please call us at 855-GONDOLA or 972-506-8037 if you wish to include custom items with your gift, such as roses, additional guests, or a pre-included gratuity.

If you would like us to email you a customized certificate you can print and give to your recipient, please contact us via phone or email.