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Staycation: How We Are Safely Serving Our Gondola Guests

At Gondola Adventures, the safety and health of our customers and staff members is our highest priority, and our goal is to provide the best possible gondola experience with a focus on both safety and enjoyment. We will continue to follow the guidelines of the CDC and local public health officials as we adjust our business practices in order to address current challenges.

With that in mind, we are taking extra preventative measures in response to the threat of COVID-19.

  • We have increased cleaning services and have a strict sanitation policy for each gondola before and after each cruise, with a focus on disinfecting high-touch surfaces using sanitizing wipes and/or sanitizing spray.
  • Blankets will be provided upon request, and we encourage you to bring your own. If you do request a blanket, know that we have implemented a single-use policy for our blankets. They will be freshly laundered. We will never have blankets aboard your cruise that have been used by other customers.
  • We have removed all decorative pillows from the gondolas until further notice.
  • All serviceware, such as trays, ice buckets, doilies, etc. are sanitized with wipes and/or spray before and after cruises.
  • If any of our staff members or gondoliers have any kind of health concern, they will not be assigned to work during this time. Employees who have been exposed to large crowds or have traveled internationally recently are also not interacting with guests.
  • In addition to our regular workplace personal hygiene policy, all staff members have been provided specific instructions for best practices with regard to frequent hand washing and sanitation.
  • Your gondolier will respect your space and greet you without a handshake.
  • We have confirmed that the restaurants and chefs that provide our meals have implemented their own best practices during this crisis.
  • We do not require you to wear a mask; that is your personal decision. If you would like your gondolier to wear a mask, please ask him/her to do so. For rowing-style gondolas, the gondolier may not be able to wear the mask once he starts rowing (due to exertion). Gondoliers may also need to remove a mask to sing.

The gondolas are actually one of the few places where guests can both go out and enjoy an activity together while still remaining within the recommended CDC safety guidelines. You will have proximity only to the guests on board with you, and the gondolier remains a safe distance several feet away from you (operating the gondola) for the majority of the cruise.

Many of our guests have expressed relief to discover that there is still something fun they can do together to escape the concerns surrounding them during this time. If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please note that due to current staff shortages and high demand, our call response times are running longer than usual. The fastest way to get more information, view all current cruise openings available to book, and reserve your cruise time is through our online booking platform. For general questions, please visit our FAQ’s tab. For specific inquiries, give us a call and leave a message with your name, location, date/time of inquiry, and any other details, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for your patience as we work hard on creating your magic moments!