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Valentine’s Day 2021


We’re coming up on Valentine’s Day 2021! Plan ahead, book a gondola cruise and give your loved one an experience they’ll never forget. If you need a few good reasons to book a gondola cruise, we’ve got you covered.

  1. It is an experience. Everyone gives and gets chocolates and flowers. Only a few get chocolates, flowers, and a beautiful gondola cruise.
  2. It is “Instagram Worthy.” Your loved one will want to show off to their friends exactly what you did for Valentine’s Day. You will become a hero for making this special day unforgettable.
  3. It is truly romantic. You don’t know the meaning of the word “romance” until you’ve had a date on a gondola cruise. Sailing down the canals, music playing or a gondolier singing, kissing under the bridges, and cuddling up next to your loved one is the recipe for a perfect night.

Book your perfect Valentine’s Day today! Give us a call at 949-646-2067 or click below.