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Press Release: Oldest Operating Wedding Gondola

June 2010:



Newport Beach, CA, June 21, 2010 – Gondola Adventures®, Inc. is excited to welcome to its fleet the oldest and most historic wedding gondola outside of Venice, Italy.

The gondola, “Lucia”, was built in1960 by the renowned gondola building family at Squero Tramontin.  In 1964, she was imported to the United States by Janet Curci as a surprise gift for her father.

Janet Curci is a well-known philanthropist in the Newport Beach-Costa Mesa area.  She has been an active supporter of Hoag Hospital, as well as the Eisenhower Lucy Curci Cancer Center in Rancho Mirage, which honors her mother.  The gondola, “Lucia”, was named after her mother.

Gondola Adventures® operates the only authentic Venetian gondolas available for cruises in Newport Beach.  Wedding gondolas are known as the finest gondolas afloat.  They can be easily distinguished by their carved decks and are typically more well-appointed than “standard” gondolas.

Most passenger gondolas are decommissioned in fewer than 30 years.  Only the finest gondolas receive the kind of care that this boat has received.  As a privately-owned gondola, the Curci Family has maintained “Lucia” using expert care by the best in the business.  “Lucia” has been in storage for nearly a decade; both Gondola Adventures® and the Curci Family are looking forward to seeing her ply the waters of Newport Harbor once again, to create unique and special memories for  exclusive clientele.  The “Lucia” will launch on Thursday, June 24, 2010.

Gondola Adventures®, Inc. operates gondolas in Newport Beach, California, as well as in Nevada and Texas.  The company’s founder and President, Greg Mohr, is also the President of the Gondola Society of America, and the foremost authority on gondolas outside of Venice, Italy.  He maintains a daily blog of all things gondola-related at  He can often be found rowing the beautiful waters of Newport Beach in his authentic gondolas.

The “Lucia” will be available for photos on the launch date of June 24, 2010.